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Cut-it – Free trial

Video Cut Detection

• Analyse a video file and detect all the cuts
• Generate a « Cut Track »
• Major video codecs supported (including Apple ProRes 422, DNxHD and H264)


Cut-it is a software designed for sound editors who want to quickly detect and spot video cuts in their DAW. It is very helpful for editing the audio according to the cuts of a video.

In one clic, you can export an AAF file, containing the cut track and/or the markers, which can then be imported in most major DAWs (Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Nuendo…). Super easy!


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Fast and straightforward video cut detection

Easy to use : drag and drop a video file and then clic on the « CUT-IT » button to export an AAF file containing a cut track and/or markers


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Import A Video File

Drag and drop a video file, or load it from your file browser.
Cut-it supports the following video codecs : Apple ProRes 422 (including HQ, LT and Proxy), DNxHD, H264, H265, DV25 and DV50, as well as EDL files.

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Clic on the « CUT-IT » button to export an AAF file containing a cut track and/or Pro Tools markers.

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TC In / TC Out

Analyse a portion of the video file by entering TC IN and TC OUT datas.
By default, the whole video file is analyzed.

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Video Start Offset

It lets you set the timecode at where you video file is in your DAW.

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Makers / Empty Clips

Choose whether you want to export Pro Tools markers and/or a cut track containg empty audio clips cut at each shot change.