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Lead by Cyril Holtz (re-recording mixer) and Antoine Martin (sound editor / developer), HAL is a small brand whose philosophy is to meet the needs of sound people working in post-production, with innovative, efficient and great sounding tools.

HAL has designed a number of audio plug-ins and software packages already in use in post-production studios around the world.

Under the impetus of audio-naturalists Mélia Roger (sound engineer) and Grégoire Chauvot (sound editor), HAL has also specialized in the creation of immersive sound banks created with its exclusive 7.0.2 spaced array: the Atmos Tree.

HAL is part of the Poly Son Post Production group, a post-production services company based in Paris and Lyon (France). Poly Son offers all image and sound post-production services: dailies management, digital lab, editing, color grading, sound editing, mixing, sound effects and mastering. Poly Son has also won 2 César & Techniques awards, in 2015 and 2019.

Poly Son's creative associates are from every link of the production and post-production chain, including cinematographers, editors, sound engineers, sound editors and mixers, who have worked on hundreds of films, series and podcasts - and have won over fifteen César, and even the Oscar for Best Sound for the film Sound of Metal.

The Team

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Sound Designer | Developer

Antoine Martin

Antoine loves running around, gathering ideas, and bringing them to life. He proudly gave birth to several plug-ins, and worked in parallel on many films as a sound editor.

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Re-recording Mixer

Cyril Holtz

Cyril is a multi-awarded French re-recording mixer. He co-founded HAL in 2006 and has mixed over 200 movies. He regularly works with renown directors such as Jacques Audiard, Andrea Arnold, Paul Verhoeven, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Cedric Klapisch or Albert Dupontel. It’s worth noting that he has also been a world kite champion!

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Software Developer

Vincent Zanetto

C++ developer, sound engineer and musician. Vincent is a jack of all trades, rigorous, methodical, and funny! The perfect James Bond villain.

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Re-recording Mixer | Dialog editor

Lucien Richardson

Grew up in London and studied in Paris. Loves music and has a passion for collecting vintage guitar gear – some would say hoarding… Loves debates and proving his point, especially when it comes to plug-in design.

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Sound designer | Developper

Benjamin Remize

Ben has a strong experience in sound recording with many years of dubbing background and creation of foley-oriented samples librairies. Rock climber and trek addict.

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Sound Artist | Field Recordist

Mélia Roger

Works as much for films as for contemporary art. At the border between the technical and the sensitive approach of the field, Mélia records multichannel ambiances and experimental textures for very diverse projects.

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Sound Editor / Field Recordist

Grégoire Chauvot

Always on the lookout for new sounds, he does not hesitate to leave the studio to record specific sound palettes for the projects he works on. He is passionate about ornithology and recognizes birdsong like no other.

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Sound Editor

Rodrigo Sacic

Working within the film industry for over a decade now, Rodrigo is responsible for the editing and mastering of our sound libraries. He loves to travel and to gather new sounds from the places he visits. He is also the proud father of little rascal Joaquim a.k.a Jojo.

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Sound designer | Composer

Nicolas Becker

Started working as a foley artist, then as a sound designer. His work can be heard on hundreds of movies including Gravity, Ex-Machina and Arrival. He received the Oscar for best sound for the film « Sound of Metal » in 2021. 

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Sound designer | Sound librarian

Théo Serror

Loves experimental recording, mixing technology with acoustic contraptions. Ambient music fan and left-handed handball player.


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