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760 WAV files • 48 and 96 kHz • 24 bits • 23 GB

General Hospital

All-in-one hospital sound effects library

Built to save sound designers' lives

HAL has teamed up with sound designer Raphael Sohier to create the most comprehensive hospital sound effects library to date. General Hospital has 760 files and over 2000 sounds covering all aspects of the genre: ambiences, machines, activities, gurneys, sirens, surgery foley and, of course, the unavoidable beeps.

This collection is the result of years of work and aims to set a new standard for a genre mostly neglected by independent sound libraries until now. Even old tropes need new sound ideas (no pun intended) and we think we have achieved exactly this with our library.

Check out what we have so carefully prepared for you taking a look at our FILE LIST and complete UCS compliant METADATA CHART.

A struggle between sound and silence

Hospitals are often depicted in fiction because they are places inherently rich in conflict and human drama. They are the ideal setting for stories about struggle, sacrifice, strengthening of bonds, loss… As sound designers we try to enhance these feelings through the creation of dynamics and subtle sonic variations. General Hospital was crafted with this in mind and it offers a broad palette of sounds in order to give you as many options as possible while working on a scene.

The plan to get you covered

Ambiences – Whether it is a busy corridor, a bursting waiting area or the strange calm of an ICU bedroom with all its machines, you will find it in here. We have recorded in various hospitals located in France – discernible speech was edited out so the recordings could cover a broader use.

Medical Equipment – From the syncopated hissy sound of a ventilator to the disruptive power of a MRI machine or the strange hollow resonances of an hyperbaric chamber, we’ve recorded a large number of medical devices with multiple perspectives.

Activities – What would be of a medical drama without the sound of hasty fooststeps down the hallway or of a gurney descending abruptly out of an ambulance ? Typical activities such as these were recorded on real locations for this collection.

Foley – We have welcomed veteran foley artist Gilles Marsalet in order to cover some specifics such as surgical instruments and operating table gore which, to say the least, demands a certain finesse – the same delicacy that separates doctors from flesh-eating zombies.

Sirens – Wailing, whoppers, piercers, buzzers, dual-tone…we’ve got them all. Getting in and out of a hospital in style is guaranteed.

Beeps – These are perhaps the most iconic sounds related to this kind of environment. Our collection has beeps in all waveshapes and colors, recorded from real devices in pristine condition and designed for even more flexibility. Whether you are looking for realism or  you just want to enhance the drama, General Hospital has got you covered.

Easy to find, ready to use

Despite the large number of files, it’s still really easy to find your way around with General Hospital. File names are concise and consistent. All sounds are fully embedded with UCS compliant extensive metadata. Instantly loopable audio files were also created whenever it seemed logic to do so.

For Soundminer users, we came up with a few extra treats. The first one is the use of the powerful Open Tier field as a way to help navigate the library in an easy and intuitive fashion. We have also created Radium presets with the beeps of the library that could come in handy for busier scenes.

Our board

Crafting a library of this size is a massive undertake and the product of a collective effort. The majority of the sounds were recorded by Raphael Sohier, Matthieu Fichet and HAL’s very own Theo Serror. Their credits include films like The Animal KingdomAmerican Honey and Bardo: False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths.

We would also like to thank the stellar team of sound designers who have equally contributed to General Hospital : Lucien Balibar, Caroline Reynaud, Ivan Dumas, Anne Gibourg, Brigitte Taillander, Pascal Villard, Aymeric Devoldere and Alvaro Furloni.


General Hospital

All-in-one hospital sound effects library

LCR + Stereo


Sample Rate / Bit Depth

48 kHz - 96 kHz / 24 bits


23 GB